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Navigating the complicated world of taxes with ease and expertise

Navigating the complicated world of taxes

The world of tax legislation and SARS compliance is both intricate and multi-layered. Across every industry and business type, there is a need for tax returns. And to stay compliant and meet the legal requirements in South Africa every tax season, you’ll need to ensure all your accounting needs are met and your documentation is in order.

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What our tax services include

At Thryv Accountants, our Tax Services offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions that will assist you and your business through every step of the tax return and compliance process.

As a South African business owner and taxpayer, we will ensure you are up-to-date with all relevant tax preparations and submissions to ensure your business is SARS-compliant.

Our tax services include:

Our dedicated team of expert accountants will be ready to support your business and its accounting needs, stay updated with every system change within SARS, and be ready to answer any questions you may have. We focus on your accounting needs, so you can focus on growing and managing your business.


What are tax services?

Tax services include a wide range of factors that assists your business or organisation through the complicated world of tax regulations. This is done to make sure you are compliant with the tax laws in South Africa and remain in good standing with SARS.

These services include the preparation and filing of all tax returns, expert advice and planning, and guidance from us on the best options for tax optimisation through brainstorming strategies and incentives to help with your tax returns and maximise the benefits.

Ultimately, tax services are the bedrock of any business, aiming to eliminate liabilities and non-compliance, while helping your business to get the best tax benefits possible. We stay updated with the latest tax regulations and system changes within SARS and use our expert training to tailor unique solutions for your unique business needs

A wide range of different taxes are covered, such as income, corporate, and withholding tax. Whether you need help with a new business and registering your company in order to register with SARS or simply need help preparing your tax returns for the new tax season – Thryv Accountants has got you covered.

What are the types of taxes in South Africa?

Most businesses and business transactions fall under one of the tax categories. One of the most common types is VAT tax. For businesses that are registered as vendors through SARS, VAT tax is mandatory. Income tax is also one of the most common types because all income and profit are taxed through income tax, including investment income, royalty income, and income as a beneficiary of a trust account.

The main different types of taxes in South Africa include:

Application of tax

When are tax services applicable in South Africa?

Tax returns are required for most businesses in South Africa every tax season, also known as the tax year. If you don’t submit your tax returns in a timely fashion or follow the accurate protocol, there are unavoidable penalties from SARS that will affect your business.

By ensuring you follow the right process and submit your returns during the allocated months, you can avoid any unfavourable repercussions. And this is best done through tax services.

When do businesses need tax services in South Africa?

Every tax season, businesses in South Africa need to file and submit their taxes. The tax season, or tax year, begins on the 1st of March and runs to the last day of November. Thus, every year from July to November, businesses need to have their tax records and relevant documentation in order and submit the annual tax return for the previous year.

The documentation you need to submit depends on your business type, the turnover of your business, your number of employees, and many other factors. There are corresponding documents for this, such as your EMP501, EMP201, and SDL. This is why it is so vital that business owners consult with professionals to make sure every aspect of tax returns is prepared and submitted perfectly.

The penalties for noncompliance or incorrect submissions can be costly and should be avoided.

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What are the benefits of outsourcing tax services?

Business finance and tax compliance can be overwhelming in their complexities. As a business owner, there are many factors in motion that are vital when preparing your annual tax returns.

Missing one component or incorrectly preparing your returns can cause repercussions that will affect your business for a long time. Thus, it is so important to know that you have a professional who has the necessary expertise to handle these intricate affairs for you.

Above all else, the peace of mind you get from knowing every factor of this essential process is completed on time, in accordance with the law, and will maximise the tax advantages through expert knowledge – is why so many business owners outsource and reap the benefits of tax services.

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You can reach out to us for more information on how we can help prepare your business for the tax season. Schedule a call or drop us a message and we’ll get back to you with all the relevant details on how you can get started.

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Pete LowesPete Lowes
14:23 27 Feb 24
I agreed to work with someone called Conrad – and as soon as I signed, he ‘left the company’. Very strange, but I persevered, agreeing to pay for their top package for management accounts, payroll and basically all accountancy services. I now found myself with someone called Arnaud. Not for long, as I was swiftly palmed off to someone else.Over the last month, they’ve become really unhelpful, so we asked to leave. They’ve been charging us a registered representative fee for several months when their representative wasn’t registered at all. They’re completely ignoring this point and refusing to refund the months when no one was registered from Thryv on our behalf.They’re now trying to claw more cash from us to get the management accounts for months that we already paid for.Untrustworthy, unreliable and greedy. Don’t do it.
Sumehn SewrajSumehn Sewraj
21:31 18 Aug 23
Had the pleasure of working with the team for 5 months. Extremely professional and knowledgeable in all accounting aspects. 100% recommend!
Arnaud BrunelArnaud Brunel
18:46 18 Jun 23
I recently had the pleasure of engaging Thryv, an outstanding accounting firm based in Cape Town, and I cannot recommend their services enough! From start to finish, my experience with Thryv has been nothing short of exceptional.Their team of dedicated professionals possesses an impressive depth of knowledge and expertise in accounting. They effortlessly handle a wide range of financial matters with utmost precision and attention to detail. Whether it’s tax planning, bookkeeping, or financial statements, Thryv has consistently exceeded my expectations.The moment I reached out to Thryv, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The team listened attentively to my needs and tailored their services accordingly, providing personalized solutions that were tailored to my unique circumstances. Their willingness to go the extra mile truly sets them apart.What I appreciate most about Thryv is their unwavering commitment to delivering timely and accurate results. Deadlines are consistently met without compromising the quality of their work. They navigate complex financial regulations and tax laws with ease, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.Moreover, Thryv’s transparency and open communication foster a strong sense of trust. They take the time to explain intricate accounting concepts in a manner that is easily understandable, empowering clients to make informed decisions. It’s refreshing to work with a firm that values client education as much as they do.In addition to their exceptional service, Thryv’s location in Cape Town is an added bonus. Situated in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, their proximity to local businesses and industries gives them a unique understanding of the regional economic landscape. They are well-equipped to address the accounting needs specific to Cape Town-based businesses.In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Thryv for all your accounting needs. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction make them the go-to choice in Cape Town. When it comes to financial matters, Thryv is the firm you can trust to navigate the complexities of the accounting world seamlessly.
Adele LokkerAdele Lokker
13:50 19 May 23
More than 5 stars! Thryv is a breath of fresh air. Their professionalism, expertise, and quick-response is what makes their service stand out. The best accounting firm in Cape Town!
Lee-Anne WebsterLee-Anne Webster
07:44 18 May 23
Excellent service. From the initial meeting to onboaridng everything was explained. Thank you to everyone at Thryv. Professional in every way
Tahn HendricksTahn Hendricks
12:50 13 Mar 23
Friendly, efficient and reliable service – I would give 10 stars if I could!
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